Convert Seaward PAT Test Data To CSV – Seawardd PAT Test Data To Excel Spreadsheet Online Tool

Many users of HireHop Rental Business and Asset Management Software have asked us how they can import their PAT test data from their Seaward PAT testers.  This can be done using the Seaward PAT Guard 3 software, however to save our users from having to pay for this software, we have added a small tool below where you can upload the ASCII text output file from your Seaward tester, and we will return the data in a CSV format that you can use to import into HireHop.

This format works with testers such as the Apollo, PrimeTest and SuperNova PAT testers, including the Apollo 600, Apollo 500, Apollo 400, Supernova Elite, PrimeTest 250+ range of testers.

To get the ascii text output file, link your tester to your PC, download the data into the PATGuard Lite software and export/save the file.  You can then upload the file here for it to be converted to CSV.

Choose a file to convert by clicking the ”Choose File” button.


Software for Hire Companies – Rental Management Software

Software for rental companiesIf you own or run a hire or rental company, finding the right software for your hire or rental company can be a minefield.  Most are legacy based (meaning they are very old with out of date technology) and others are ridiculously expensive for what little they offer.  Today everything is mobile and more people are on the move, meaning software that is accessible anywhere in the world, at any time and on any device is what prevails as the best solution for the modern world.

New Technology

HireHop is brand new, built using the latest cloud technologies, thus enabling it to offer new modern features, not available in any other rental management software. It is intuitive, easy to use, yet it has the functionality, and more, necessary to run a successful hire business. An example of this is email, which is the modern form of communication. No other rental management software allows you to store and view emails against jobs and projects, whether they be sent or received using Outlook, Thunderbird or a variety of other email clients. Another example is how when users check the same job in or out, their terminals communicate with each other, updating each others lists instantly and automatically, without any user intervention.


HireHop have also adopted an affordable and transparent price structure.  Most other software products available for the hire and rental industry, the price is on application, meaning they charge you as much as they can get away with.  As HireHop is cloud based, we charge a low monthly fee dependant on how many users you have.

Easy to Use and Implement

As HireHop is cloud based, it runs on any device with a web browser, at any time and from anywhere in the world, without the need for a costly and complicated infrastructure, all you need is an internet connection connection and a machine with a web browser.