The most common form of communication today is email, it is a modern necessity to have the ability to send, store, view, reply and forward emails from within jobs and projects, something no other hire management software has allowed before.

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HireHop  has the ability to import emails from external email programs like Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc. by just dragging or uploading the email or email file onto a job or project page, so if you receive an email in your email program, like Thunderbird, just drag and drop it straight onto the job page and ”voila”.

Email browser for cloud RMS HireHop stores emails inside each relevant job or project, as well as giving you the ability to view, forward and reply to emails from within HireHop, enabling all users the ability to view all emails for any particular job or project in one place, without having to cc everyone or store emails in a complicated ”saved emails” tree in your email program.


Sending emails from HireHop is easy, its just like your normal email program. You can format text and incorporate your footer so that your emails look professional.  You can add attachments and merge documents or even PDF’s into the email. Emails are even addressed from your own email address, with the ability to also store them in your email program’s ”Sent” box. HireHop also allows each user to use multiple email accounts, so you can send an email from yourself, and then send one from your accounts department. Send an email dialog

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