By popular demand HireHop have released another new feature for their rental management software, being embedded stock categories, giving users the ability to organise categories into sub categories, just like folders on your computer.

Tree sub-categories

Users can now sort their categories into sub-categories, and even have sub-categories of sub-categories, with the ability to go as deep as you need.

Moving the categories is easy, just double click on one to edit it and select the new category from the drop down, or simply drag and drop the category to the position you want it.

In the main Rental Stock, Labour or Consumables (Sales stock) front tab, by selecting a category, all stock inside that category and its descendants will now be listed, with the ability to expand or refine the list by using the breadcrumbs for each item;

Sub category breadcrumbs

We currently have many more exciting and amazing features currently undergoing beta testing that will soon be available to all users, so remember to subscribe to our Facebook page or Twitter feed to be notified about all future improvements and additions.